Look Who's Living in TreeHouses
Look Who's Living in TreeHouses Get out of your house and into the trees at the Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land's newest exhibit, opening May 22

Sugar Land, TX-This Summer, families can spend some quality time hanging out in the trees with a visit to the Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land's newest exhibition, TreeHouses , opening May 22 through Aug. 23. For a walk through this special exhibition, click here.

The focus moves up, in, around and even underneath trees. Tree Houses includes fun, hands-on ways to explore the important roles that trees play in providing homes for all sorts of wild things (including people). Incorporating all of the senses, this special exhibition engages forest explorers of all ages in indoor nature explorations and the ecology of sustainable harvesting of this important natural resource.

In this lively setting, visitors are encouraged to:

  • Look for signs of animal tree dwellers as they walk through an indoor tree house and across a wobbly connecting bridge
  • Play a computerized forest game where they can harvest trees without harming wildlife
  • Watch how a forest becomes house
  • View the tree houses people have built around the world- even design and build their own
  • See stereoscopic 3-D images of some of the smaller animals we can find living in New England's trees
  • Listen for animals inside the tree house and try to guess their sounds on an "animal dance floor"
  • Peer down from inside a "crow's nest" (and peer down at the folks "on the ground")
  • Revisit favorite fictional tree dwellers, from the Ewoks of Star Wars to Winnie the Pooh
  • Wander through a "kitchen" to discover not-so-obvious tree connections in our own houses
  • Enjoy imaginative play and slip on a fun costume to become a rabbit, skunk or chipmunk.


TreeHouses was developed by EEC and funded by Jane's Trust, Cabot Family Charitable Trust and IMLS. Locally sponsored by the City of Sugar Land - www.VisitSugarlandTx.com.

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