Journey To Space Unveils New Era of Deep Space Exploration In Dramatic Giant Screen Format
Journey To Space Unveils New Era of Deep Space Exploration In Dramatic Giant Screen Format

HOUSTON, TX-NASA's next era will be its greatest yet. That is the clear "roadmap" painted by Journey To Space 3D , a new space exploration film now open at the Houston Museum of Natural Science Giant Screen Theatre through Jan . 3, 2016. The movie changes the perception that the space program died with the end of the Space Shuttle Program by showcasing the plans NASA and the space community are working on, and the challenges they must overcome to carry out missions such as landing astronauts on Mars and capturing asteroids.

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By using extensive interviews with astronauts Chris Ferguson (Commander of the final shuttle mission) and Serena Aunon (a new astronaut chosen for future flights), as well as narration by film and television legend Sir Patrick Stewart, Journey To Space gives a sweeping overview of past space accomplishments, current activities and future plans.

"This space exploration film inspires a new generation of young people to dream of new horizons in space, and engenders a new appreciation for the accomplishments of the Space Shuttle Program among an older generation who came to take it for granted," said Charlotte Brohi, VP of Film Programming and Distribution at HMNS.

In addition, Journey to Space puts into historical context the contributions made by the Space Shuttle program and its intrepid space pioneers. It shows operations in space - such as deploying and repairing the Hubble Space Telescope as well as how the Shuttle launched and assembled the International Space Station (ISS). Together, these programs have taught us how to live, build and conduct science in space.

The film concludes with a realistic scenario of how astronauts will actually get to Mars, live there for long duration, and then return home after a two-and-a-half-year mission. This includes the new icons of the next chapter of space exploration:

  • Orion is NASA's first spacecraft designed to carry humans on long-duration deep space exploration missions throughout the solar system.
  • Olympus, an inflatable transportation habitat, is an early concept 45-or 50-feet diameter module that would provide astronauts the work area and living space necessary for long-duration missions.
  • The Space Launch System (SLS), a new giant rocket, will carry spacecraft, Mars landers and ascent vehicles to place astronauts on the surface of Mars.

For tickets and more information on Journey To Space 3D , visit or call (713) 639-4629.

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